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Weekly Photo Challenge: Liquid




Yesterday I visited the Japanese Friendship Garden here in Phoenix, AZ.  I didn’t know what to expect before going, sometimes the names of locations here can be deceiving, however, this time I was pleasantly surprised.  The garden is located in the heart of the city, but once you step inside it feels like you have been transported to a completely different place. You are greeted with a wonderful view of a Koi pond, there are many Koi fish of all shapes and sizes that are looking for a meal.  When you walk over the bridge they seem to follow you in hopes of a nice treat.




The path takes you around the pond where you can observe different types of trees, art,  or you can sit in a nice shaded area to just take in the awesome views of tranquility.  There is a waterfall that the neighborhood birds love to perch and bathe in and a few streams that lead back to the pond.  It is truly a breathtaking experience, Although I wasn’t brave enough to fish the fish I did capture someone else doing so.  🙂




There is also a tea house where they host tea ceremonies, they are held on the third Saturday of each month, so I hope to have that experience and share that with you as well!  Overall, I had a wonderful experience, everything is positioned just right to give a serene and an educational moment.

Have a wonderful week!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Liquid

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