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Weekly Photo Challenge: Peek

One of my favorite things to take pictures of is the sun peeking through the clouds, I love to catch the rays shining through.  In the evenings here in Arizona the sky turns orange and purple, it was a bit cloudy this weekend so I didn’t get a chance to capture it, we had rain for about 3 and a half minutes! Exciting stuff since we haven’t seen rain in a while, lol.

These three are giving you a peek through and letting your imagination picture the rest.  The picture with the steps is one of my favorite places to visit at the Indiana Dunes, I would suggest wearing comfortable shoes because there is quite a bit of walking too do.  This picture reminds me of endless possibilities, it appears as though the walkway never ends in the background.

When we left Indiana and all of their cornfields I didn’t think we would see any, anytime soon. So to my surprise, we had some here near our house, normally in the crops, the farmers grow small things that grow pretty quickly.  This year they decided to grow corn which was a really bad idea, however, it was great for taking pictures! Several people would stop and take pictures.

The last is a beautiful picture my little brother took of the fall foliage. I love how the different shades of color peek through the green trees. I also love how the angle he had chosen to shoot from gives the illusion that the narrow space is getting smaller.

My last photo’s for the day are of Noona peeking behind my laptop looking for attention as usual. 🙂 A close-up of a spider web with all its snacks stuck to it, lol, behind it are the beach rocks and the water.  Lastly, a beautiful duck with a hint of blue on its feather.  There are so many different types of birds and ducks here, at a lot of the parks here in Arizona they have created ponds for them to live in. There are a lot of great places to bird watch if that is your interest.

Have a great week ahead!


Photo’s for the weekly challenge: Peek

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