Reflections Of a Rambler

I spy with my eye: Rounded.

For today’s weekly photo challenge I decided to comb the city for rounded items that caught my eye.  Let me tell you there were many things that actually caught my eye but here are just a few that stood out to me.

Every day on the way home we would pass this park and I kept telling myself I would stop by and take some pictures, well today was the day.  This is Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza, the photos above are a memorial for the fallen firemen who have sacrificed their lives while saving others.  I walked around the entire memorial it was really sad to see how many people had perished in the line of duty, and how very brave they were.  There were memorials for other types of service but for today’s purpose, I’m only using this one.

Branding is a very important part of a company, sometimes just when you see the shape of the logo you instantly recognize them.  I saw logos of all types today, but for the rounded challenge, I picked these to represent that.  The pita jungle is definitely my favorite and the scramble was a close second.  I enjoy the color of the logo its self for the Pita Jungle, I also appreciate the use of the leaves representing the jungle.  You don’t have to be literal to convey your message. Scamble’s logo is nice and simple with a little play on the C.  This was the second Scramble I had run across today, the first one had a long narrow text that was gold and white. For Subway’s logo although it’s not a rounded font the ends still suggest a constant movement with the letter S and Y.  The Trend at 51 is just that, it’s a very trendy and chic looking logo to go with the theme of the apartment building.  It caught my eye from across the street.  🙂

So I will say, I am not completely familiar with driving around all of Arizona, I still get lost from time to time when I’m driving around.  Today was no exception, but this turned out to be a great lost moment. I would have never seen this house, the tan home was quite long with lots of rounded shapes in the build.  Whoever built this home I would just like to say well done!  I love huge windows to capture the light there is plenty of balcony space for sitting and watching the mountains.  The thunderstorms and lightning, when they do occur here, must be spectacular to watch. The gray home although the windows are not as large I still like the style of them and absolutely love the color of the home.  The last image is a car wash,  never have I seen so many car wash establishments in one city.  It feels like there is literally one on every corner!

Last of the rounded challenge are a few photo’s of round tipped cactus plants and the Camelback Mountains. The picture I took in the rearview mirror favors one of my favorite mountains here which I will write a whole blog about soon! I had never seen cactus in this shape or color before. I do dare to say I’m sure they will prick your finger just the same as the traditional shaped ones. 🙂

I hope everyone had a wonderful week and I wish you a great week ahead!

Photo for the Weekly Photo Challenge : Rounded


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